Monday, July 14, 2008

Brotherly Love

1 Peter 3:8 Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. (NIV)

Christopher slept in this morning. That's pretty unusual for him -- especially when Kevin wakes up earlier. However, we have learned not to wake him up or we regret it! He can be a real bear when he hasn't had enough sleep.

So I was presuming that today would be a good day...oops! Well, it still will be, but it sure didn't start off that way!

Chris ate his breakfast and went to play on the computer. The computer went through a maintenance scan of some sort, so he had to wait for it to complete before he could pull up the game he wanted to play. Kevin, in his normal mode, went in to the computer room to see what was going on. Chris tried to hide the computer screen for some reason, and Kevin pushed him out of the way. An argument pursued over whose turn it should be.

So I said that Chris could have the computer uninterrupted for 30 minutes, then it would be Kevin's turn. Oops -- there goes Mount Vesuvius. Chris wasn't at all happy that I limited his time. Crying, screaming, and banging caused Chris to lose his computer time. He ran screaming to his room, kicking and throwing things (he's pretty good at throwing tantrums). I told him calmly (I think...) that if he kicked or threw one more thing he would not be able to use the computer at all today. He ran to his bed, covered up completely and started shouting that he hated me once I left the room. Ugh...

A few minutes later, while crying was still loud, I happened to see Kevin sneak up the stairs. He had the cat in his arms. Knowing that Chris is not a very good bunk mate when he's mad, I braced myself for shouts of 'get out of here' and 'leave me alone'. I watched from behind my bedroom door as Kevin snuck up to his doorway and gently put the cat down, sort of pushing her into the bedroom. She went the other way, and he picked her up and tried again. Kevin then raced back down the stairs.

She was exactly what he needed. Chris saw the cat, stopped crying, and picked her up. They lay on the bed together for about ten minutes. Then Chris let her go, got up and went downstairs like nothing ever happened.

It is fascinating for me to watch the interactions between twins. They have very different personalities, and they know exactly which buttons to push to make the other one crazy. However, when things get tough, they also know exactly what to do to help the other one feel better.

It makes my heart melt to see how much they care for each other, even if they would never admit it. This is one of those moments I want to treasure in my heart!