Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'll Take What I Can Get

Chris and I had a rough day today. He's already decided that he doesn't like school this year so he whines and fights all morning until it's time to leave. It's interesting that he has always had a good day when we talk about it after school. I think it is just having to get ready on a schedule that causes him trouble...he's definitely not a morning person!

This morning it got pretty out of hand and I was frustrated for quite a while. He argued with everything I said and ended up screaming that he hated me (because I told him to put on his socks...I know, I'm cruel).

But tonight he asked me a very strange question. He wanted to know if I would trade my mother for a grape if someone asked me to. What???? After I asked him to repeat it because I was sure I'd heard incorrectly, I answered that of course not, I wouldn't trade my mother for anything.

Then he told Kevin that he would never trade me for a grape...he would be too lonely!It may not be a big hug and "I love you", but some days this is may be the best I can get.

After the disagreements this morning I was sure he'd give someone much more than a grape to take me away. I hope he doesn't change his mind tomorrow if we butt heads again!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

25 Years? Amazing!

Twenty-five years ago today I walked down the aisle and married my best friend Doug. I have been blessed more than I can imagine. The love he has shown me has helped me to understand how God can love us -- totally and unconditionally. Together we have learned how to focus on the things that matter and that by growing closer to God we can grow closer to each other.

Even though he tells me that he loves me every day, I would know without the words. He has allowed me to try new things and he's supported my crazy ideas regardless of their potential impact to him. He's encouraged me to accept challenging positions at work that resulted in a lot of travel, leaving him at home with three girls. He never complained, and he went out of his way to ensure that the girls had a fun time when I was much so that at times the girls couldn't wait for me to leave! He supported me in career moves that I had dreamed of and he's the cause of any success I've had.

He walked right beside me and never hesitated when I wanted to consider adoption. Although the original reason we considered adding to our family didn't work, he too felt the need to fill the empty seat(s) at our table and he was key in all the struggles we went through to adopt our boys. He had never complained about living in a house with all girls (well, he didn't really mean it...), and he'd even thought that another girl was what we wanted. I'll never forget the look on his face when he walked up and down the boy toy aisle and realized that he had a GOOD reason to play with light sabers now that we were adopting twin boys. He'd chosen to be so satisfied with our family that I don't think he realized how much he wanted a little more testosterone in the house!

With the same ease he was enthusiastic about my desire to come home to support our family and to try yet another new endeavor (writing). He took changes in income and my transition struggles in stride, never doubting that this new challenge would work. He even lets me bring cats home despite his intense dislike of them!

I could give a thousand example of his love and care, but one of my favorites is the way he wants to hold my hand whenever we stand or sit together.

Thank you, Doug, for every thing. For your love, your friendship, you abilities as a father and a husband. I look forward to holding your hand for at least 25 more years!

What a Great Place!

I don't usually like to promote business establishments in my blog, but I just have to tell about ToysRUs's Birthday Club. This is the second year we have done it (see my original blog, Like a Kid in a Candy Store, from last year). The boys each received a birthday card with a $3.00 gift card. At the store each received a balloon and a birthday crown. Christopher put his on immediately and wore it the whole time...Kevin decided he was too old for that, but he carried the balloon around like a prize.

Then, as we started shopping, they announced over the loud speaker that the boys were doing their birthday shopping, and they asked everyone to congratulate them on turning eight. Several people stopped us to aske about their birthday and oohed and aahed over their toy selections. The boys had each received a gift card from us and some birthday money from their Aunt and Uncle, so they had a fortune to spend ($48.00 each).

We had a blast. Just like last year, Kevin decided what he wanted very quickly (a Hot Wheels toy, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and a remote controlled snake). He put them in the basket and then happily helped his brother shop. Christopher checked over every item. He was appalled at how much some things cost (what a good shopper!) and he didn't want to spend his money all in one place. He was such a frugal shopper. He eventually chose two $5.00 items and I was starting to wonder if we had time to finish shopping since the store closed in just six more hours...

Then he found the spy toys, and he chose to put his two small gifts back in order to purchase night vision goggles, a listening device, secret message pen, small lights that attach to your helmet for secret missions, and several other things. They carefully handed over their money and gift cards and proudly carried their gifts to the car.

We had free kid's meal certificates for a local restaurant because of their birthday, but they didn't want to stop anywhere that might postpone their playtime! Whose children are they and where did they take my fast food junkies????

It was fun to see that their basic personalities are gelling and their shopping techniques remained the same for a whole year. They are already talking about their shopping spree next year! I guess I don't have to agonize over gifts any more as long as they like ToysRUs.