Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'll Take What I Can Get

Chris and I had a rough day today. He's already decided that he doesn't like school this year so he whines and fights all morning until it's time to leave. It's interesting that he has always had a good day when we talk about it after school. I think it is just having to get ready on a schedule that causes him trouble...he's definitely not a morning person!

This morning it got pretty out of hand and I was frustrated for quite a while. He argued with everything I said and ended up screaming that he hated me (because I told him to put on his socks...I know, I'm cruel).

But tonight he asked me a very strange question. He wanted to know if I would trade my mother for a grape if someone asked me to. What???? After I asked him to repeat it because I was sure I'd heard incorrectly, I answered that of course not, I wouldn't trade my mother for anything.

Then he told Kevin that he would never trade me for a grape...he would be too lonely!It may not be a big hug and "I love you", but some days this is may be the best I can get.

After the disagreements this morning I was sure he'd give someone much more than a grape to take me away. I hope he doesn't change his mind tomorrow if we butt heads again!

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Liza on Maui said...

How old is Chris?