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Inspired Design

Inspired Design
Roxanne Hughes Packham
Hannah Packham

This is an amazingly beautiful book! The photographer, Mark Lohman, has done a fabulous job of taking photos that make me want to reach out and touch the beautiful tablescapes and room details the Packhams have designed!

The book is full of simple and elegant design ideas, but is in no way stuffy. It is created to help the reader create a hope that is welcoming and inviting to both the family and the guests who visit. In the author's note at the beginning of the book, Roxanne Packham promises "to inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as well as all who walk through its doors; to share ideas that create beauty, warmth and passion, as I have with hundreds of clients; and to speak from my heart what my family heritage and love of design has taught me."

Page by page, the authors describe and demonstrate the basic design concepts of both masters of the craft and members of their own family, linking heritage indelibly with design. In addition, they add in advice on how to make special occasions memorable for all in attendance -- both from the perspective of a beautiful setting and by proper event planning and hospitality in the 'little things' that makes a huge difference. In all aspects, the event is designed to make all attendees feel special. I especially liked the idea of the Blessing Tea.

This is a fabulous book with wonderful ideas that are simple to implement on every single page! A perfect wedding shower or house warming gift.

Drawing from a rich family history and her own collection of acclaimed designs, California-based interior designer Roxanne Packham has joined with her teenage daughter Hannah to create Inspired Design (Inspired Design Publications, 2010), an idea-provoking book filled with stunning photographs, treasured family traditions and a plethora of truly inspirational tips for creating a warm and welcoming home, not just throughout the holiday season, but every day to follow.

Whether seeking unique ways to entertain for the upcoming holidays, celebrate with friends, begin new family traditions or showcase the family history, talents and passions in the home’s interior design, the Packhams have shown the way. In doing so, they have utilized the beautifully structured pages of Inspired Design to reveal the classic truth that any home is made more beautiful when it is filled with love, joy and the determination to make those who enter it feel welcomed.

Decorating for the holidays can be a daunting task, whether it is in preparation for family or for a spouse’s office party. Roxanne offers simple ideas for making your home welcoming and comfortable for guests. Hannah is able to offer, from a teen’s perspective, ways of getting the entire family involved in holiday preparations while teaching your children the art of hospitality. With today’s busy, high-tech lifestyle, these are important lessons we often overlook.

With a desire to celebrate the beauty of home and family, the mother-daughter duo has skillfully melded their own store of family memories and candid observations with photos of impeccably designed interiors to remind the reader of the home’s power and ability to change lives. Their purpose in writing Inspired Design is straightforward: “To inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as well as all who walk through the doors.”

Borne on the wings of their earnest prayers, Inspired Design is far from being just another photo-rich book on interior design. Instead, it is a beautifully rich hospitality book focused as much on what visitors entering the home will feel as on what they might see. Once their collaboration on the book was finished, this mother-daughter duo knew they had found their calling. To continue the work they had begun, Roxanne and Hannah founded, an organization devoted to inspiring teenage girls, mothers and others to find and follow God’s plan for their lives. Along with funding, sales of the book go straight to Heart of Hope (a ministry that advocates for orphans and at-risk children in Romania) and other selected charities. The Packhams’ unified mission is to change lives one heart at a time.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Roxanne Hughes Packham is an acclaimed California-based interior designer, whose classic designs grace homes from San Diego to San Francisco. Born into a family of gifted artisans, including renowned silversmiths Allan Adler (her grandfather) and Porter Blanchard (her great-grandfather), Packham is a graduate of the University of Southern California, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and the Paris Fashion Institute. Additionally, she studied French at the Sorbonne and French culture and literature at the Cité Universitaire in Paris. Roxanne operates her interior design business through a home studio during the hours her children are in school. She makes her home in Southern California with her husband Scott and children Justin and Hannah.

Continuing her family’s long tradition of design excellence, Hannah Packham’s interests include classical ballet, skiing and modern dance. She has participated in mission trips to Costa Rica and Romania and in 2010 was selected to participate in the Rotary Leadership Conference. Miss Packham lives at home with her family in Southern California.

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