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After Life -- What You Need to Know About Heaven...

After Life -- What You Need To Know About Heaven, The Hereafter, and Near-Death Experiences
Hank Hanegraaff

My Thoughts:
I've been a follower of Hank Hanegraaff for many years, and I respect the amount of research he puts into his work. Recently I've read a couple of books about near-death experiences, and while I was skeptical, I was curious about the validity of them. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly where we are headed after death?

So I was very excited when I saw that Mr. Hanegraaff had completed his research on this topic and had published this book.

After Life is divided into three sections -- Life After Life: The Eternal Heaven and Earth, The Transitional Heaven, and Life: What You Do Now Counts for All Eternity. Within each section are Biblical answers to those burning questions we all have. Are near-death experiences real? Is there a Hell? Where is Heaven and what is it like? And even Do pets go to Heaven?

As is typical of Hanegraaff, he doesn't mince words and he doesn't deal in opinions. He clearly shows Biblical justification for his answers, and he is always sure to keep the referenced verses in context. He is highly intellectual, and the style of his writing reflects that. It's pretty straight-forward, but is definitely more complex than most novels or best-selling non-fiction books. But I like that -- he presumes his audience is serious about the topic and doesn't want fluff.

In addition to clearing up some misperceptions and some wishful thinking that I had, After Life has caused me to greater appreciate life here on Earth and to look forward to eternity with new excitement and energy. This is a much needed book of truth in a world of opinion and personal experience.

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About the Book

If there was ever a need-to-know book, AfterLife is it. On his daily call-in radio show, the most common questions Hanegraaff fields are about the hereafter.For instance, millions are voraciously reading about the near-death experiences of young children. Consumers are desperate for knowledge and reassurance about what comes after life on this earth. Hank Hanegraaff, one of the most remarkable theological minds of the 21st century, explains the marvelous way this physical life connects our past to our eternal future. AfterLife gives readers a clear and concrete understanding about what happens after death to us and to those we love.

About the Author
Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and just back from delivering a lecture series in Iran and Russia, is heard daily in the top 100 radio markets in the United States and Canada. He's the author of the runaway bestsellers The Prayer of Jesus and The Complete Bible Answer Book.

Thank you to Glass Road Media and Management and Worthy Publishing for providing a copy of this book for review. They in no way influenced this review.

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Stephen Ross said...

Thank you, Susan, for reading and so very thoughtfully reviewing AfterLife! I especially appreciate your observation that Hank respects the intelligence of his readers. He straightforwardly presents and defends biblical truth —- testing everything in light of Scripture.