Monday, March 26, 2007

A Weekend with the Girls

I just had the most wonderful long weekend! Last week was Spring Break, so everyone was home except Alicia (her break doesn't start until next week). Doug took off from work, so I actually got to see him (well, for two days, anyway...). Wednesday morning Becca, three of her friends, and I took off in our van to visit Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. The girls spent two nights with friends in the dorms and got to experience college life first hand. They attended classes, ate in the "Caf", and learned that a hilly campus may be pretty but impractical!

While they were staying up all night having dorm parties, I got to spend quiet time in a nearby hotel. I had grand and glorious plans to do a lot of writing, but I wasn't able to get a good Internet connection for the research I needed. So I spent my time reading two new books and shopping. After the chaos that is our home, it was nice to be in a quiet place.

On Friday, the girls and I took off across the state toward Sikeston. We travelled through a part of Missouri that I've never seen before. The highway was relatively new and the scenery was great.

Doug and Sammi met us at Sikeston, and Doug took the van and the 'college bound' girls home while Sammi and I headed to Jackson, TN to surprise Alicia. She was performing in a college Variety Show and I was dying to see it. She looked fabulous in her fancy black gown and long gloves while she sang Motown hits with two other girls. About twelve of her best friends danced on the stage -- they did a wonderful job. After the show we surprised her -- she had no idea we were there. We got to go out for a midnight snack and we spent a little time together on Saturday before Sammi and I had to hit the road again.

I know I'm biased, but I am so proud of our girls. Each one has a terrific personality, and they have very different strengths. Each reflects a different view of God to me, and I learn and grow every time I am around them. As the girls get older I am honored to watch them become the women God wants them to be. There are plenty of struggles, but over time those will just make them stronger. I love spending time with the boys, too, but being able to spend time with the girls without 'testosterone distractions' is a blessing!

Thanks, girls, for making my life a loving adventure!

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Karen said...

Hi, found you via the MOG blogroll. You were in my old stomping grounds; I was born and raised in Sikeston. :) You didn't mention Lambert's... don't tell me you went to Sikeston and didn't eat there!?