Saturday, April 07, 2007

Walking to the Dreaded End

In our Sunday School class we are reading verses daily in preparation for a discussion on the reality of the resurrection. As I go through the verses where Jesus tells his disciples what will happen in the next few weeks, I am trying to understand his emotions during that time.

One of the last times he mentioned that he would be persecuted, killed, and then would rise after three days was on his final trip to Jerusalem. A day or two before his triumphal entry, he had this conversation in between healings, discussions with Pharisees who were trying to trip him up, and with the young rich ruler who wanted to know how to gain eternal life.

I believe Jesus made peace with his destiny in the Garden of Gethsemane, butwas he wavering prior to that time? Did he tell about his future in an attempt to convince himself to go through with it? He was fully man, and therefore I believe he was probably scared of the pain and suffering he would have to go through. I bet each step on that final journey brought him one step closer to something he was dreading.

I praise God that he continued on the path so that we can follow!

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