Monday, May 28, 2007

Check Your Washing Machine Hoses

I've been told this before by a wise person, and I promptly did as he suggested. Then I forgot to ever check them again.

Friday I realized I have waited too long. I came downstairs and found the fountain of my dreams going off full force in my laundry room! Apparently it had been spouting for about 45 minutes. I reached through the water to turn off the faucet, but it was stuck. I ran to the basement to turn off the water to the whole house and realized that we had a bigger problem when I splashed through water in the work room at the opposite end of the house from the laundry room.

After turning the water off, I checked the basement and saw that we had a torrential rain storm brewing in the storage room and Doug's office. I grabbed all the trash cans and buckets I could find to catch the water and I called by dear hubby to come home and save the day!

Did you know that laminate floors start curling up about two hours after they are wet? And that the underlayment wicks water to the furthest reaches of a room? Nice things to know.

So, you are all invited to our home in September to see the new digs...we are getting new flooring on the first level and we get to totally redo the basement. God is good...even though the water was coming down all over, it totally missed computers, televisions, beds, Christmas decorations, and anything of any value...all we really threw out were boxes!

So, please take some advice from a now wiser woman and check your washing machine hoses.

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