Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prayer for a Friend

My very good friend Maryn just received one of those calls we never want...the test results are back and it is cancer. This is her second round with the dreaded disease. She is a strong Christian woman, and I know her faith and her family will get her through this tough time.

I sent her this prayer, and I plan to pray it at least once each day. If you are reading this, would you take a moment to pray for her too?

Lord, I pray that you will heal Maryn completely and miraculously. Rid her body of all cancer cells and protect those cells that are healthy. If she must go through medical treatments, surround her with doctors who are caring and gentle to their patients and who are like warriors on a rampage toward the cancer. Guide their hands and minds as they develop the strategy that will result in total healing. Please provide Maryn the strength she needs to get through this tough situation. Minimize any pain or side effects while those bad cells are erradicated. Surround her and her family with tangible love and peace. Let them draw even closer to you and to each other in this time. Provide wonderful distractions to keep their minds away from negative thoughts. Fill their hearts with laughter and wonder, and bless this family beyond their wildest dreams. I pray in Jesus name, Amen

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