Friday, December 07, 2007

Status and Other Stuff

Well, it's been an eventful week! Sammi has been in the hospital for five nights now, and we aren't sure when this will end. They have done an MRI and spinal tap, both were normal. Her headache is still hanging in's almost as persistent as she is! I'm pretty tired, so I don't know how coherent this will be, but I know some of you are looking for an update.

They have changed her medication, so hopefully we'll get a breakthrough soon. The hospital has taken on the challenge of beating this thing...Sammi will be there until the headache ends.

Children's hospital is a wonderful place, and it's full of tired parents who stand by helplessly as their children fight for their lives. I almost feel guilty that we are only dealing with a short term issue when they have such huge diseases to fight. We are on the floor with most of the cancer patients.

I've seen a lot of love and patience in the nursing staff. I was passing by a room when I noticed a nurse teaching a young girl (maybe 12) how to tie a scarf over her head to hide the baldness. They were smiling and laughing -- I really appreciate nurses who can help children focus on something positive. I also saw an adorable little girl walking in front of me with her mom. She looked like she was in the final stages of losing her hair. She looked so cute in her little hospital gown and matching bottoms, and when she turned around she had a huge smile on her face and a large red clown ball on her nose! She was giggling and laughing and she was very proud of her nose.

There is a group of doctors who dress up as clowns and visit rooms. They have a comedy routine that even made Sammi laugh (and she doesn't particularly like clowns). I missed their visit, but she chattered away about it with energy and enthusiasm that I hadn't seen during the rest of her stay. God has really blessed the staff here with a true love for their patients.

God has once again reminded me that he is in control. I'm frustrated that we won't be able to get our basement finished before Alicia comes home for the holiday, the house is a mess, and I'm way behind on Christmas shopping. But I am so blessed by this opportunity to spend a lot of time with Sammi. She's such a busy girl that we hardly get a chance to connect anymore. I'm sorry that she is in pain, but I love spending time with her.

Since light hurts her eyes, I'm also learning to just be still. I always want to be doing something...reading, writing, working. It's hard to just sit...and I'm getting better at it! I think I miss out on a lot of valuable prayer time by always being busy, so I've been able to spend a lot more time with God, too!

As the holiday season approaches, I am focusing on the people in my life instead of the trappings of the holiday. God is here every day, and I want to be thankful on a daily basis that he came to earth for us -- not just during a season. God is good, he's always in control, and he wants what is best for each of us. He is holding each one of the children in the hospital in his hands, and regardless of their earthly prognosis, he will take good care of them. We are so blessed!

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