Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mission for the Year...More Likely for Life

I've been working through the Experiencing God -- Knowing and Doing the Will of God Bible study by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King. It is definitely a humbling and eye opening daily study.

Today's lesson was about faithfulness. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Heb 11:1 - NIV). The point of this lesson was what good is our faith if we don't step out and take action based on it?

This led me to journal about the things God is asking me to do and my responses (or lack thereof). Sometimes I think I am clear about what He wants me to do, then I feel like I'm redirected. I end up wondering if I misunderstood or if maybe I got distracted. Why is it such a struggle to understand my purpose? It really should be clear -- to believe, worship, and glorify God -- to be Godly in all I do. It's the 'how' that always trips me up.

So what is a Godly woman? One who knows without a doubt that God is in control and who seeks to know Him and show Him in everything she does.

How about a Godly wife? One who is a helpmeet to her husband, who honors and obeys him and helps him succeed. Then there's that love and respect thing, too :o)

And what does a Godly mom do? Daughter? Employee? Volunteer?

Maybe it all comes back to Know Him and Show Him.

So how do I get to know him better? By reading his word -- not as a story but in an attempt to understand (as much as a mere mortal can) his promises, expectations, and character. I can study with others to understand the intricacies of interpretation and to gain a larger perspective. I can pray, spending time in reverence and thanksgiving, seeking to listen more than talk (and not to fall asleep...). I can watch God in action, looking for his fingerprint in every situation.

Then how will I show Him? This one seems to be two fold -- how do I show God my love, respect, and faith, and how do I demonstrate His love to others?

God wants me to show Him that I 'get it' by praising and worshipping, in whatever way seems appropriate (and those who sit around me in church know this isn't by singing loudly!). It means doing my best in every situation because I know I am ultimately working for Him.

To share Him with others, I need to take action. I can share with words (writing, speaking, counseling) and by serving others in need. Understanding how and where to spend my time is a real struggle here. So many people seem to have a passion in a particular area that allows them to focus their efforts. I struggle to name my passion.

Maybe if I make 'Know Him and Show Him' my mantra, I'll be able to focus the actions I take. And the better I know Him, the easier it is to Show Him! Maybe my passion doesn't have to any more specific than that.

So, if you've read these confused ramblings all the way to the end, what do you think? What works well for you in getting to know God better and demonstrating Him to others? Do you struggle with a sense of purpose too?

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Anonymous said...

I did this study at church several years ago. A few things I learned... Find where God is working and be there! This could be anywhere at anytime. It doesn't have to be anything earth shattering. We are always looking for something huge it seems. The Lord needs us to do lots of little things too. Relax and don't try so hard. be yourself. Stay in the word, pray and praise him everyday. He has created you for himself. He Loves you just the way you are! As for finding your passion, I don't know about you but my passions change quite often. I have found that when I am very passionate about something that I should pursue it to the upmost of my ability and then God gives me something else to tackle later. If you stay in the Word and just let "His" love set your example you will be what he wants you to be in all areas of your life. Remember, don't get ahead of him. let him have control. This one is a hard one for me because I tend to want to run ahead a lot. And then I also struggle with worrying about stuff. "Stuff" that I can't change anyway. My biggest thing for the past year has been to trust. I do trust, but get anxious about answers. If I can not think all the time and just get up everyday like a duck in a different world, I do better. That way God is in control of the day and not ME! Its a lot less stressful that way too! Don't try so hard. As they say... "Let Go And Let God"