Monday, February 16, 2009

Is the Cup Empty or Full?

I have had an amazing day. It's been one of those days when you could decide to yell from the roof tops or crawl back in bed and not get out for a week. The boys are watching a show where a character just said "I don't know whether I should laugh or cry, so I'll do both at the same time." I know just how she feels!

It's all a matter of perspective. If you look at it one way, these are the things that happened:
- It's a holiday and I woke up at my normal time. On a regular day it's a struggle to wake up, but of course today I was wide awake and couldn't sleep in though I wanted to.
- I had to say goodbye to Alicia, Clay, and Becca. I won't see Becca until Spring Break or Alicia and Clay again until at least June. I hate that they are all so far away.
- Things in my garden are starting to grow...but I know they will freeze and therefore not be as pretty as they should be.
- Sammi crashed my car and it needs repaired before we can drive it.
- Something in the refrigerator smells like old peppers...but I can't find it anywhere.
- I was almost done dumping gross stuff from the fridge when the sink backed up.
- The liquid plumr that is guaranteed to work didn't.
- I can't find the receipt to get my money back on the liquid plumr.
- The liquid plumr people don't work at night so I have no idea what to do with my sink full of stinky chemicals AND a clog.
- I found out that my daughter's previous doctor was giving her double the recommended dose of medication for the past year.
- I had to interrupt another daughters plans to get a vehicle to use to go to the doctor.
- My husband told me he's going to have to be out of town for a week...during my birthday.
- A friend called to tell me how bad her life is.
- My husband was at his mothers house all evening so I got to deal with these things alone.

However I realize that God has blessed me with this version of my day:

- I woke up on my own and saw an amazing sunrise.
- I was able to hug all five of my children in the same day.
- I'm so proud of who our girls are turning out to be.
- Some days the wildness that is 9 year old boys can actually be fun.
- I had just enough fresh blueberries left this morning to make my cereal perfect.
- I had a peaceful morning and I was able to enjoy a whole cup of coffee without interruption.
- I did my Bible study first thing.
- We had lots of leftovers from the weekend reception and everyone in the house could have lunches and dinners that they enjoyed.
- I found the perfect refrigerator for the kitchen at 50% off.
- The salesman told me when the perfect freezer will have it's price reduced and I can wait.
- My daffodils are popping up their green leaves, bringing the hope of spring.
- I have a wonderful daughter who is willing to drop her agenda to be able to help out.
- No one was hurt when the car crashed.
- The doctor was impressed by how emotionally mature our 16 year old is.
- Our daughter is basically healthy and she has a doctor who really cares about the long term effects of her actions and medications.
- And she likes her new doctor.
- I was able to get the refrigerator cleaned out.
- The sink didn't leak like it usually does when it clogs.
- My husband has a great job that he enjoys and that pays for more than our needs.
- I have a fabulous husband that I will miss and who will miss me.
- I can eat what I want on my birthday and not worry that my hubby won't like it!
- My car can be fixed and we have money set aside for emergencies.
- We have friends who will help us get where we need to be until the car is fixed.
- My husband really cares about other people, and I love how he enjoys spending time with his mom once a week (he's her 'hot date').
- I have a fabulous mother-in-law who is fun to be with.

Isn't God good? Despite all the craziness of our life, He is in control. None of the things that happened today, good or bad, will really make a difference in the course of His Will. Even if I pouted occasionally or snapped at the boys when I found them playing in the chemical water in the sink, I know that He loves me anyway.

I'm surrounded by people that I love and I am blessed beyond what I could imagine.

And I had a box full of brownies I could eat whenever the stress got overwhelming!!!

Thank you, God! My cup overflows.

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