Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Allison Bottke

Susan Anderson is a baby boomer who owns a unique hair salon in Las Vegas that's know as much for its over the top disco-era decor as it is for its top of the line service. She has worked years to turn the salon into a success and she finally has the chance to expand it into a restaurant, dance hall, retail store, all-service salon, and museum. But her husband has other ideas.

He decides to retire from his job as head of the maintenance department for a prestigious casino on the strip and surprises her with a huge plot of expensive land that he's owned for years and the plan for 'their' dream house that he plans to start building immediately. He's shocked when she isn't as excited about the idea as he is.

Can years of poor communication and Susan's secretive past cause their marriage and their separate dreams to fail?

This is the first book in a series created by Allison Bottke about women who are part of the online community known as Boomer Babes Rock. Although they had never met face to face, they forged deep friendships online and provided friendship and advice to each other regularly.

Allison has created several vibrant women who are at the same physical place in life but at very different stages and locations. She provides background that any American boomer can relate to and helps us smile at the unique attributes of the aging process. I'm looking forward to the remaining books in the series!

Allison Bottke spent seventeen years as a prfessional fund-raiser before her personal journey prompted her to create the best-selling God Allows U-Turns anthologies. Now a popular speaker and author of hip-lit fiction as well as nonfiction, she has created a place where fun, fashion, food, family, and faith merge to empower and inspire boomer women all around the world. That place is

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Betty said...

Being a baby boomer myself, this book sounds very interesting as I really enjoy books about women's friendships. Thanks for the recommendation. I've recently finished a women's fiction book by Linda Overman called Letters Between Us which I really enjoyed.