Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is
Alice J. Wisler

Deena Livingston has barely recovered from a serious car accident and a broken engagement when she discovers that her grandfather has willed her his mountainside cabin. She seizes the opportunity tobegin a new life and plans to start a cake-decorating business when she learns that the cabin comes with a contingency. She must teach cooking lessons to at-risk junior high students!

Can Deena break through the tough exteriors of these kids and survive long enough to meet the requirements of the will? Is she going to be able to win the hearts of a closed community and be successful in her business? And will she ever be able to heal her physical and emotional wounds enough to successfully move on with her life?

Alice Wisler has created a wonderful cast of characters who represent the wide diversity of humanity. Each person has hidden pain -- some have overcome and are able to help others, while many are learning to trust for the first time. She doesn't minimize emotional pain or the need to work through difficult problems and she shows the reader that any problem can be resolved with the love of others and reliance on God.

This is not a simple romance book, but is instead a meaty story of relationships with many types of people who help each other truly live godly, meaningful lives.

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Thanks for the review, Susan!

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