Friday, October 29, 2010

A Season of Miracles

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A Season of Miracles
Kregel Publications; Reprint edition (August 3, 2010)
Rusty Whitener

Rusty Whitener takes us on a poignant journey through the life of a 12 year old boy in the early 1970's -- a time when the world outside his small town was in turmoil, but all he could see was the turmoil inside himself. Told by the local Little League's best hitter, Zach, A Season of Miracles takes the reader on a journey beyond the fear of those who are different and inside the head of a young man struggling to understand how God fits into his world.

While this book is very different from the types I typically read, I fell in love with the raw honesty of a tween-boys' life and his willingness to learn and grow in ways that changed him forever. I enjoyed the variety of characters in the story and even recognized a few from my childhood! Men and women alike would enjoy this book as a chance to sit back, relax, and remember the summers that changed their lives. You don't have to be a baseball fan to enjoy it.


Rusty Whitener is a novelist, screenwriter, and actor. His first screenplay, Touched, won second place at the 2009 Kairos Prize at the Los Angeles Movieguide Awards and first place at the Gideon film festival. That screenplay soon became A Season of Miracles. The movie version of this book is now in production with Elevating Entertainment. Find out more at and Videos and book club discussion questions are also available at

Endorsements:“A Season of Miracles is a must read for anyone who has ever played youth baseball. I read the book, and was reacquainted with my childhood. In the midst of an enjoyable read that took me down memory lane was a touching, challenging and beautiful story about how God can use the unlikeliest among us to draw us to Him.”—Matt Diaz, outfielder, Atlanta Braves
“Baseball, inspiration and childhood memories—a great combination. I couldn’t put it down!”—Richard Sterban, bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys
“Rusty Whitener weaves a deft tale of young friendship and the curve balls of faith, the whole story seasoned with sunshine and the leathery scent of baseball gloves!”—Ray Blackston, author of Flabbergasted
A Season of Miracles is a heartwarming all American story of small town boys and Little League baseball. You’ll be cheering this captivating bunch of characters all the way home both in their game of baseball and the bigger game of life.”—Ann Gabhart, award-winning author of The Outsider

Looking back on the 1971 Little League season, Zack Ross relives the summer that changed his life…

Gunning for the championship is all that matters until twelve-year-old Zack meets Rafer, a boy whose differences make him an outcast but whose abilities on the baseball field make him the key to victory.

Admired for his contribution to the team, Rafer turns everyone’s expectations upside down, bestowing a gift to Zack and his teammates that forces them to think—is there more to life than winning or losing? And what is this thing called grace?

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Season of Miracles, go HERE.

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Rusty said...

Susan- Thanks so much for this wonderful, sincere review of my book. It means a lot to me that the book spoke to you, though you're not a baseball fan. I wanted it to be about how we can find love and truth in people who are different, and you encourage me to consider I may have succeeded on at least some levels. Blessings on you!
Your fellow bookworm,
Rusty Whitener