Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Did This Happen?

So, I worked really hard to get my desk cleaned during the month of September. Then I had two separate speaking/teaching engagements, a visit by Hurricanes Sophie (my granddaughter) and Bandit (my granddog), several migraines, and lots of people putting mail on my desk 'so I could find it'. Well, this is the result:

And to be honest, it got MUCH worse than this!

So today I had to find the results of a recent car inspection, since our license must be renewed this month (figured it was about time...it's the 29th!). So I started going through the piles. There was the wonderful pile where piles are supposed to be -- in the pretty basket by my computer. Most items there are at least a month old. Then there was the pile on the other side of my computer, the pile at the far end of my desk, the pile in the middle of my desk...well, you get the picture.

Bottom line is that I found a bunch of expired coupons, a couple of late bills, a BUNCH of fabulous quilting magazines I have yet to read (and I'm really proud of myself for not stopping to read them), medicines that need to be renewed, and plenty of other things that need attention. But no car inspection.

Luckily the wonderful people at JC Care Care are happy to print a copy and it's on the way to the Dept of Revenue office. And now my desk is clean again! Well, at least the top and the drawers I've already cleaned.

I wonder if I'll ever make it out of my office in this cleaning/organizing fantasy of mine?

Back to neat at least! (if not quite as perfect as I want).

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