Friday, January 10, 2014

Everyday Confetti

Everyday Confetti - Your Year-round Guide to Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions
Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer

 I was a bit concerned that this book would just be another one of those 'Godly Hostess' books that would make me feel like I couldn't compete with those in the world who are gifted in such ways (you know the type -- Martha Stewart clones who actually DO the things they pin on Pinterest).

Boy, was I wrong! This is a FABULOUS book that works especially well for people like me. I want to be organized and celebrate things, but somehow time and energy runs out before it happens. Right from the first page, they talk about making the things you already do special -- family dinners. We all have to eat, right? And eating together as a family IS something we do almost every day. So how do we change things up just slightly so they are more special, more of a celebration? With simple hints about intentional conversation starters, recognition opportunities, and talks about how God impacts our lives, Glynnis and Karen made me realize that I CAN increase my 'celebration quotient'.

The book is designed to help you realize what your unique family needs and habits are and to utilize those moments to celebrate -- not extravagantly (unless that is your gift), but in meaningful and simple ways. Before it even gets to annual holidays, the authors discuss Everyday Joys, Celebrating Birthdays, Spiritual Milestones, Ways to Stay Connected, and Reaching Out to Others.

Tucked in with the creative ideas are a TON of fabulous sounding recipes -- something I didn't expect. These are simple things to make for nourishing meals or fun snacks that are designed to use the things a typical family has in the pantry -- no need to add a special shopping trip to an already busy schedule.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is 'celebration challenged'. It would be a fabulous book for a shower gift along with a few things related to celebrations - candy sprinkles, notecards, a special holiday plate, and maybe a pan for creating some of the awesome recipes.

You can buy a copy of the book here.

When a busy woman looks at her calendar and sees a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, she has the best intentions for bringing joy to her family and creating lasting memories. Then reality hits. Amidst demanding responsibilities and an overloaded schedule, when is she ever going to have time to plan the perfect celebration or find the creativity to make it special?

In this go-to guide, Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer give women the ideas and the motivation they need to make such occasions less daunting. They provide creative ideas and menu plans for
· Holidays
· Birthdays
· Special Events
· Everyday Occasions
Readers will even find suggestions for reaching out to others throughout the year through celebrations that are simple, doable, and stress-free.

 Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer are fabulous members of the Proverbs 31 team. You can learn more about them here: 
and here:

Thank you to Revell Publications for providing a copy of this book for my review.

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