Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade

The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade
Virginia Smith


When life gets crazy, I just need a fun book to help me create some space in the midst of chaos. This book has allowed me to sneak away from my life for a while so I could visit a quaint small town, Goose Creek. The characters in this town are quite diverse, from the young new veterinarian straight out of school, her creative receptionist who is using quite a bit of finesse to convince her practical husband they should buy a huge Victorian fixer-upper, and the mayor who is doing the best he can in a difficult situation to the annoying co-worker, the persistent father of an incompetent painter, and a dog who hates squirrels and smells to high heaven!

This series reminds me a bit of the Mitford books by Jan Karon -- small town, well-rounded yet quirky characters, an intriguing story line, animals that add humor and humanity, and just a touch of romance! These people could be my neighbors, and I want to get to know them better. I'm definitely looking forward to future books in the Tales From The Goose Creek B&B series!

Virginia has written a ton of books in several genres, and I have enjoyed them all. She has the ability to transport the reader into the environment of the story. I can picture each character and the places they visit, and I wish Goose Creek was a real place -- I'd be up for a road trip!

ABOUT THE BOOK (From the back cover):
Al Richardson is perfectly content in his Goose Creek, Kentucky, home. The village is charming, the neighbors are friendly, and retirement is only three years and sixty-three days away.

But changes are right around the corner for Goose Creek.Al's wife, Millie, is hatching a scheme to renovate an old Victorian eyesore and open a B&B. The new veterinarian is mystified when her only patient is Al and Millie's smelly dog. And folks are starting to take sides over who should give the water tower a new coat of issue that might just lead to an illegal parade.

Retirement or not, Al is about to get a lot busier than he bargained for.


Virginia Smith is the bestselling author of more than two dozen inspirational novels, an illustrated children's book, and 50 articles and short stories. An avid reader with eclectic tastes in fiction, Ginny writes in a variety of styles, from lighthearted relationship stories to breath-snatching suspense. Visit her at

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