Sunday, April 22, 2007

We'll Miss You, Maddie

Maddie Bayer died yesterday. She is the 7 year-old girl mentioned in a post a couple of days ago. Her death won't be covered by any news organization. Her life won't be discussed much on-line like those of the victims at Virginia Tech. Yet the loss of her life shows the loss of potential just as their did. Her death seems just as senseless, just as tragic. She was the most beautiful, most brave little girl I've ever met.

Yet, as I struggle to explain death to my 7 year old boys, her friends, I know my struggle is so much less than that of her parents and her two brothers. My prayers continue to be with them.

I know Maddie was looking forward to being in heaven, she talked about wanting to laugh, play, and not hurt. A child should never have to think of those things. I hear stories about being met in heaven by those you knew who had gone on before you...who meets a young child that has not been touched by the death of others?

I suppose Jesus himself meets her. I imagine her pain has gone and she is smiling that big, beautiful smile. We'll miss you, Maddie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for honoring Maddie. I pray for you, your children, her friends and most of all family!

How very thankful I am for the hope God has given!

Anonymous said...

Maddie was my cousin and I will miss her forever