Thursday, June 28, 2007

A "Mom" Moment

I took Becca to the doctor today, and the boys went with me. We waited in the waiting room while Becca was seen, and Christopher wanted me to read to him. I brought books with us and I was happy to read them.

He surprised me by climbing up in my lap with the book. Then he reached around and grabbed both of my arms gently and wrapped them around his stomach. I wasn't able to read this way, but he wasn't as concerned about the book as he was the hug he got while sitting on my lap. He held the books and turned the pages as we read four books this way. The whole time he rubbed my arm and snuggled against my neck.

Just the other day I had been lamenting the loss of my 'huggable' little boys. It's nice to see that as they near eight years old they are still willing (and needing) to sit still for just a few minutes for a cuddle bucket refill!

  1. cuddles
  2. a good, slow rain that refreshes the earth
  3. thunder that reminds us how small we are
  4. a husband who tells me every day that he loves me

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