Friday, June 29, 2007

Sammi's Big Day

Today my 'baby' girl is 15. I am so proud of her that I could just bust. She's turning into such a beautiful, responsible young woman. She's always been a lot of fun to be around -- she is fearless and fun-loving and quick to smile. She makes friends easily (see photo below to meet a new one -- he kissed her on the forehead just seconds after he met her!) and she is comfortable around all ages and types of people. She's now the second tallest in our family (after her Dad) - her sisters aren't too thrilled with that. She's also the toughest -- she loves sports of all kinds and plays so competitively that she often has the bruises to prove it. She's also been known to eat ANY concoction that someone can prepare...the grosser the better!

We are going to the Muny (an outdoor theater) tonight to see 'Grease' and she's planning to wear this terrific hat she got several years ago that looks like a giant birthday cake (she'll take if off in time for the show, of course!). That's my girl! Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives. We love ya, darlin!

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