Monday, October 29, 2007

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

Today is the first frost for our area. The grass and the rooftops look like they've been sprinkled with powdered sugar and Jack Frost has decorated the windows of my car.

It's amazing how destructive something so pretty can be. In a flash, the impatiens that were bright and perky yesterday look like wilted spinach. Ick! This simple act of chill marks the end of one more summer and hints at the winter just around the bend.

What are the marks of change in our own lives? One day we seem satisfied with our accomplishments and on top of the world, the next we wonder if we are really making a difference and we question our direction. I watch my children grow into responsible adults (well a couple of them are still too young), and I see their struggles to find the right place in the world. It seems like only yesterday I was in that same position -- wondering if a single decision (like a particular college)will change the whole direction of my life in irreparable ways.

I think God gives us these crossroads to help us remember that he is in charge. We get overwhelmed with the choices and we turn to him for help. To facilitate our growth, he seldom provides a clear cut answer, but if we trust in him he always makes the best of our choices(even though it may take years for us to give him that chance).

Does this fall mark a key transition time in your life? Take it to the Father and ask his advice, seek guidance from godly counselors, and search your heart for the right direction. You will always be given choices, and if you turn it over to God as you move forward, he will bless your path or clearly tell you to take a different one. Even if you make a mistake, you can regroup and try again. The worst thing would be to get paralyzed with fear and miss out on the blessings that God can provide in any situation.

The frost marks an end of some things (hopefully mosquitoes), but it brings a promise of snowflakes, Christmas, and hot chocolate. Embrace this new season and snuggle close to God!

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