Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a Weekend!

We have had a whirlwind weekend! On Friday, Becca and I went to Missouri State University in Springfield with Kellee and her mother to check out the campus. Becca is having difficulty figuring out exactly what she needs to take to fulfill her dream of being a missionary who runs a children's home. She goes back and forth between elementary education and social work -- it seems that a double major in those things is almost impossible. The Bible colleges we have looked at require elementary ed students to co-enroll in a local state school. We are starting to look at some private Christian schools, too.

Saturday was Becca's 18th birthday! I remember the day of her birth like it was yesterday, and it's amazing to see what a fabulous young woman she has become. Becca has always had a soft heart for others and she's been our little social butterfly since the day she could stand. I am THRILLED that she has outgrown her temper tantrums (to those of you who have to suffer through a child with these, be assured that they can pass!). She can still slam her door with the best of them, but she hasn't thrown herself on the floor in a tizzy for at least 10 years! Becca is so grounded in her faith, and I love that we have great discussions about God. She comes home to eat lunch a few times a week before she goes to work at the grade school, and it's really nice to be able to talk with her without interruptions. I know she'll be ready to go off to school, but I'll really miss her! She went to the Rascal Flatts concert with several friends on her birthday, and she had a blast.

Saturday afternoon I drove 4 hours to Excelsior Springs to speak at a women's retreat. The women I met there were amazing! They were open and honest with each other and they desperately wanted to be more devoted to God. They were such a blessing to me in many ways, and I pray that their 'glow' from time away with God hasn't faded with the daily chores and their jobs.

Doug spent the weekend refinishing the dining room (aka computer room) floor, so I'm painting and staining moulding this week. We might have one floor of our house almost finished by the end of the week (lacking only a few rugs and a coffee table). We hope to have the basement completed in time for Thanksgiving.

The final quarter of the year is so crazy -- I pray that each of you can find some time to yourselves to find the peace of the season!

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