Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Beginnings of Modesty

So when does modesty become self-sanctioned? For years we would tell our boys that they needed to close the door when they went to the bathroom, that running around naked using a bathtowel as your cape is not appropriate when we have company, underwear is not to be used as a hat, and clothes are to remain zipped and buttoned until the bathroom or bedroom doors are closed. They seemed to catch on from an obedience perspective, but not from a personal morality view.

But all of a sudden our 'au naturel' 8 year old boys are becoming modest (about time!). They don't want their sisters to be anywhere near when it's bath time (although they still do the superman act on occasion regardless of who is around). On occasion I've even seen them slip under the covers to get dressed for school.

Modesty has hit an all time high this week, though. I have to say that I'm glad, since we have twin 8-year old girls spending the week with us. They both want doors closed before they even consider changing clothes, and this morning Kevin brought his dirty clothes to me...underwear securely wrapped up an hidden inside a shirt and then a pair of pants...just in case! All of a sudden those Sponge Bob briefs don't seem quite so model-worthy!

While I don't miss those days, I will always remember fondly the morning they discovered that their 'private parts' would bounce when they jumped. Hmmm...I'll have to retell that one often when they are older!

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