Thursday, January 17, 2008

Making Preparations

Well, I finally faced the monster yesterday and cleaned out our freezer! I was amazed to realize how much stuff we really had down there -- I only buy meat when it is $2.00 or less per pound, and that doesn't come around too often. I made an inventory of everything and posted it on the top (a little anal, I know). I was also pleased that not too much was expired. I hate when that happens -- it's such a waste.

I sat down with my list and made out menus for the month of February. I basically just plugged in a type of meat or fish each day so we didn't have three or four days of chicken in a row, then I went back to figure out what to make with that meat. For the most part I don't have to make any 'concoctions'...however Doug and the kids have already started making plans to be somewhere else on fish nights! I promised that the exact meal we would have was subject to my mood -- I reserve the right to move things around however I want. That scared them!

It's quite possible I could do this for TWO months. I've stocked up recently on chicken and ground beef, so we have lots of opportunities. Before I cleaned out the freezer I was ready to run to Schnucks -- they have a great deal this week on ground beef. But I realized that I have nine pounds of it (already cooked) in the freezer, plus two meat loaves and ten hamburgers! I guess I need to put a top limit on how much I buy regardless of the price.

My next 'final frontiers' are the freezer over the fridge (so full of tater tots and hash browns that it tries to attack you when you open it) and the pantry.

So, anyone have any good fish recipes?

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