Sunday, March 02, 2008

They Are Still Little Boys...

One of my favorite things about being a mom is snuggling with my kids. As they grow, the snuggles last about 10 seconds...a quick hug is all I can expect. The boys are growing quickly, and I can see that hugging is not nearly as 'cool' as it was when they were four. But both boys still need their 'mommy time', and it plays out in fun ways!

Kevin will come see me at least two times per day. He'll ask "Whatchya doin, Mom?" and he'll just stand there for a minute. If I turn around and slightly put my arms out, he'll quickly climb on my lap or let me pick him up (which gets more challenging every day as he grows!). He'll let me cuddle him (with little response, of course) for a couple of minutes and he tries hard not to let me see him smile. When his 'cuddle bucket' is full, he climbs down and goes on his way.

Chris, on the other hand, would never want to be seen on my lap or in my arms. Instead, he'll ask me to watch a movie with him. I used to turn down this request because I seldom feel like I have an hour and a half to 'just sit', but I quickly realized this is his request for cuddles. We'll curl up under a blanket and he'll snuggle really close while we watch the show. He's happy to let me stroke his hair or hug him tighter, but of course he pretends not to notice. He doesn't want me to watch tv shows with him...only long movies. I like taking the time to focus on him even if it feels like I'm being lazy. And it doesn't take long before Kevin joins in and sits on my other side...a Mom sandwich!

The girls will still give me hugs, which I love, but as I watch our brood grow I know the days of hugs will reduce significantly when Sammi heads off to college in two years. By that time I expect the boys will deny that they even have a cuddle bucket. Tough...I'll still give them hugs!

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