Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a Week!

Well, actually two weeks. Last week I had the privilege of attending the greatest conference for Christian writers at Mt. Hermon, CA. Once I got past my awe of the massive redwood trees and the incredible number of authors who I admire, I learned new things almost every minute of the day! Days started at 7:15 with worship in the woods and could have ended around midnight it I attended the night owl sessions that started at 9:30. My internal clock shuts down around 9:00 central time...I just couldn't make myself stay up that late.

The most amazing thing about the conference was the care that each attendee and faculty member had for others. I've been to a writers conference in the past where I felt that I had to continually prove that I was good enough to be there. At Mt. Hermon everyone just assumed we were all writers and they wanted to encourage others to improve their craft (no matter how many books they had or hadn't published). I was excited the woman who critiqued my Bible study proposal (who is only one of the best writers about Christian writing there is....)liked it and thought it was important to share! Yeah God! He's put this one on my heart for several years and any value in it is definitely his doing. Then, on top of that, a publisher wanted to see it!

While I was gone, Sammi went through a tough time. She was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst the size of an egg -- Doug had to take her to four different doctor appointments! Our good friend Tammy Balu stepped in to take Sammi to her first OB/GYN appointment -- thank you Tammy! It was hard to be so far away and not to be able to be with Sammi. When all was said and done, Sammi is having surgery on Thursday to drain the cyst. The doctor promises she can play full contact soccer within a week (however the doctor who reset her broken nose and her parents disagree)!

She and I have a great opportunity for bonding over the next week, because I'm having surgery on my shoulder tomorrow. We plan to have a chick flick marathon while we are foggy with drugs...sounds fun, huh?

I finished revising the Bible study for the publisher and I hit the 'send' button a little earlier this morning -- YEAH! Now I get to hold my breath until I hear back from them -- in about six months (ugh). I'm not really nervous about this -- I understand that what will be will be, and if they don't want it there are other places to try for publication. I am also excited about a new series of studies that Alicia and I are going to work on together! Maybe if I keep busy I'll forget all about the study I just submitted until I receive that acceptance letter (ok...I'm dreaming about it a little)!

Life is such an adventure and God is so good!

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to the blogspot thing but I love connecting all around the world. The fact that you went to a Christian Writers' Conference caught my eye. I am going next weekend in Eldridge Illinois. I too am having a bible study critiqued. Would love to hear more about your study and what the author said. Was it painful??

I am expecting to learn and grow from it. You are invited to my blogspot and I look forward to chit chatting or blogging more with you!

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