Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writer's Retreat, Day 3

Well, my plan for catching up on my sleep doesn't seem to be working too well, but I'm not really suffering because of it. I worked until midnight last night (which surprised the heck out of me!), and woke up on my own at 5:30 for my morning appointment with the sunrise.

Since our elevator got fixed yesterday, I was able to go up to the widow's walk for a fabulous view. I took my blanket, coffee, and notebook. I guess I never realized that sunrises actually take about 2 hours -- it wasn't finished until 7:45! I find it hard to tear my eyes away from the sky because it seems that there are changes every minute. The clouds blow, the light increases ever so slightly, and the world starts waking up.

Today is a very cloudy day -- they are predicting storms later. It was relatively warm outside, but there was a chill to the wind. I don't know if it was windy because I was up so high (third floor on the side of a large hill) or because there was no wind block between me and Table Rock Lake.

Yesterday I think I got a lot done, but I'm not sure I got a lot accomplished. I spent almost all of the day doing research and found out some really cool stuff about fishing and fish in Lake Galilee, food and food preparation, the town of Capharnam (yes, that's the right spelling), and Peter's house. And I learned that I don't think I'll feel qualified to write this story until I become an expert on life and times during Jesus's life! Every new fact I find causes me to ask ten more questions that require more research; maybe I should have become a historian.

We had a group meeting from 3:00 - 6:00, and each of us set goals for the week. One of my goals was to not do ANY more research until I had written 2000 words! I didn't technically accomplish that; I only wrote 1,614 words on my book. BUT I wrote another 317 words as part of a character development exercise about Peter's wife, and I journaled four pages while I watched the sunrise, so I guess I can say I did it!

I also determined what my characters look like. Imma, Peter's wife, looks like Cote de Pablo (lucky her), and Peter (whom I will refer to as Simon from here on out), is Naveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost). What do you think?

I'm trying to figure out whom should 'play' Simon's mother-in-law. I want someone who can add some comic relief, and the only person I come up with is Estelle Getty (Sophia from Golden Girls). She doesn't quite look the part, but I love her personality! I'd love your suggestions.

So yesterday I started somewhere in the middle, and I wrote the story of the four men who lowered their paralyzed friend through Simon's roof. That story always made me think of Simon's wife and wonder what she must have been thinking as it happened. It flowed pretty well, and I wasn't TOO critical of myself as I wrote.

Today I want to transfer my notecards into an outline and start filling in stories as it feels right. This is not a book I'll write from beginning to end, but more in a puzzle fashion. I want to spend more time 'getting to know' the characters and write at least 2,000 more words (actually IN the book this time).

I'd appreciate your prayers for focus. I found out my mom is heading to the hospital AGAIN with stroke-like symptoms. My brother has it all under control, but I hate that he has to deal with this alone. I'm also really feeling the time in this chair both in my back and hips, so prayers for physical comfort would be helpful, too.

I love you all and miss you. Thanks for being on my side and supporting me through this exciting time!

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