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Made With Love

Made With Love 
Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

What can be better than a book about an Amish pie shop that includes recipes from a renown Amish cookbook author and pie contest judge?

This book is a wonderful collaboration between Sherry Gore (the cook) and Tricia Goyer, an award winning author of best selling Amish books. It is the first in the new Pinecraft Pie Shop series about a family residing in the Florida town that is a favorite vacation spot for the Amish.

Made With Love introduces us to Lovina Miller, a young Amish woman whose lifelong dream is to open a pie shop in the town of Pinecraft, Florida. She's accepted that she will probably never marry, so she's set her sight on becoming a business owner despite the concerns of her parents. The oldest of five unmarried girls, Lovina believes she isn't pretty enough to get a suitor so she's moved on to other endeavors.

Noah Yoder, an Amish man with a tragic past, has moved to Pinecraft with three wayward Amish teens to start a new life and hopefully influence the lives of his charges through hard work as carpenters. He makes a deal with Lovina to remodel a warehouse for her shop in exchange for salvage rights to the items within.

Goyer and Gore do a fabulous job of bringing these characters to life. I really appreciated the depth and honest portrayal of emotions all involved in the story face. I won't give anything away, but this story actually brought me to tears during a particularly touching scene. I love it when a book drags my emotions through the gamut instead of just being a 'nice' read! This is one of those books where I almost found myself praying for the characters involved.

And, as a fabulous bonus, each chapter ends with wonderful traditional Amish recipes for many wonderful things -- pies, desserts, main dishes, snacks, and more! Not only was it a wonderful read, but my family will be enjoying this book for years to come through the recipes.

I highly recommend this book for those who love Amish stories AND for those who may think Amish books are formulaic -- this one is definitely unique in it's setting and story line.

This book is available for preorder on Amazon here

A Dash of Love, a Pinch of Hope, and a Whole Lot of Good Cooking
 Lovina Miller should be thrilled. Pinecraft, Florida, has everything a young Amish woman could ask for: sun, sand, volleyball games, and evening singings in the park. But Pinecraft lacks the one thing Lovina desperately wants—a pie shop of her own. She longs for a place to gather with the community and serve the treat she loves.

A young carpenter named Noah Yoder strolls into her life and offers a way to make her dream come true. But before Noah and Lovina can build a shop—and a life—together, they must each face heartaches from the past. Is their new love stronger than their regrets?

Tricia Goyer is a homeschooling mom of six, grandmother of two, and wife to John. A bestselling author, Tricia has published 50 books to date and has written more than 500 articles. She is a two time Carol Award winner, as well as a Christy and ECPA Award Nominee. Tricia is also on the blogging team at, and other homeschooling and Christian sites.

Tricia volunteers around her community and mentors teen moms. She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Northwestern Montana, and she currently leads a Teen MOPS Group in Little Rock, AR. Tricia, along with a group of friends, also blog at, sharing ideas about simplifying life.

Sherry Gore is former editor-in-chief of Cooking & Such magazine, the author of "Simply Delicious Amish Cooking", "Me, Myself and Pie" and a weekly scribe for the national edition of the Amish newspaper, The Budget, established in 1890. The National Geographic Channel featured Sherry prominently their documentary series, Amish: Out of Order. Sherry's culinary adventures have been seen on NBC Daytime; the Today Show; Mr. Food Test Kitchen; and Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC News affiliates across the country. Sherry is a year-round resident of beautiful, sun-kissed Sarasota, Florida, the vacation paradise of the Plain People. She has three children and is a member of a Beachy Amish Mennonite church. When not spending time with her family, writing, or eating, Sherry is a cooking show host, and an official pie contest judge. 

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