Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bible in a Year - Week 2

So, are you still keeping up with your reading? I missed a day on Saturday and I only read part of my assignment on Sunday (shame on me), so I'm glad I started early. Knowing that I am committed to send these notes keeps me on track, though, and helps me process what I read more, so thanks for letting me send them to you.

This week was one full of blood, sweat, and tears (sorry for the 60's reference). Overall I was reminded that lots of things happen that don't make much sense until years later. In the midst of trials it is easy to think that God has forgotten you, but Genesis shows us clearly that God has a bigger plan. Our daily trials help prepare us for the real jobs he's created us for. Some examples:

1) Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac. God had to know that Abraham trusted His promise and that he would obey regardless of what he was told to do.
2) Isaac was living in the midst of a great famine. He wanted to go to Egypt, where there was food and water. God told him to stay put and trust Him to provide. I'm sure Isaac was remembering the time God provided a ram for sacrifice and spared his life!
3) Jacob stole his brothers birthright, then fled for his life. His anguish brought him closer to God. He spent 14 years working for the worst father-in-law in history, but he saw God.
4) Joseph was sold into slavery, spent years in jail, and then was given almost complete power over the country of Egypt. His suffering put him in the right place at the right time to save his family - God's chosen people.

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