Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Approach and Grace in Action

Ok -- I keep putting off writing in this blog because for some reason I think I have to have something spiritual and fabulous to say. Almost daily I have things I want to write about (whether anyone reads them or not), and I'm not getting a good outlet for that.

SO... from now on I'll use this to write both Biblical insights and daily events.

Today the boys played their regular Saturday Upwards Basketball game. This is SUCH a cool program. When someone travels, double dribbles, or even fouls, the referees stop play and explain (kindly) to the child what was wrong. The boys have been playing for four weeks now, and it's amazing how much they have improved. Today Kevin fell down and hurt his elbow. It is so hard to sit still while referees and coaches take care of your child. All I wanted to do was run over there and hug him, but that would be VERY uncool. You'd think with all the injuries Sammi has gotten over the years in soccer and cheerleading that I would be better able to deal with this (her nose is a ball magnet!), but I'm not. Guess it's that mama instinct.

So to add a little spirituality to this blog, Upwards is a great example of grace in action. Some of the kids are naturally better than others, and the referees quickly figure that out. The grant those kids who aren't as good a little more grace than they grant the ones who appear to know the game better. I imagine God does that for us too, especially when we are new Christians.

A good verse for that is John 1:16 - From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

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