Friday, January 12, 2007

God Wants Me To Do WHAT???

As I complete Genesis, I am awed by the things God asks His people to do that seem crazy at the time. Yet they turn out to be logical and even life-saving in the long run.

There was Noah, who was told at age 500 to build an ark in preparation for a flood, when rain had never fallen on the earth.

Abram was told to do a lot of things that didn't make sense...leave his homeland for an unknown destination, circumcise all the males in his household (I'd love to see their faces when he brought home that news!), sire a child at the age of 100, and offer that child as a sacrifice. And Joseph was sold by his brothers, spent years in jail, and then was able to keep the line of Jacob alive during a famine.

If we listen closely to God, I imagine He tells us things that seem as crazy now as His instructions did back then. The difficulty is screening out all the rest of the world and our own wills/subconscious to hear His voice clearly.

Lord, I pray that I will always listen to that still small voice and obey it instead of arguing with You.

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