Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just an Update

What a week it's been! Sammi has been pretty ill for a little more than a week now. We had her in and out of Children's Hospital ER for potential appendicitis or ovarian cyst. After lots of tests and needles, they decided she had gastroenteritis (I think that's Latin for "you have a bad stomach ache and we don't know why"). She was doing really well on Friday and over the weekend, but she threw up at school again today and spent most of the day sleeping.

Christopher was feeling a little punky yesterday, but I knew he was sick when he laid down on the couch at 4:00, covered himself up and promptly fell asleep! He slept straight through until morning. I checked him at his normal bedtime and he had a temperature of 102.4, so needless to say he didn't go to school today. We've watched a McGuyver marathon (the dvds were due at the library today!) Chris loves contraptions, so he's been thrilled.

Becca has a bad sore throat and headache, but no fever, and I've had a migraine since Friday...boy, aren't we a crew! Doug and Kevin are ready to pack up and move so they don't catch anything!

I've been having a lot of fun working on the daily Bible study for Moms of Grace, and I've got a couple of writing assignments (one for pay!) to work on this week.

The weather has warmed up to almost fifty degrees, so bye bye snow! I'm getting excited again about the little green things popping out of the ground.

Well, nothing profound to say today, just wanted to explain why I haven't updated much lately. Hope you are all more healthy than we are!

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