Monday, February 25, 2008

Bunch of Stuff

Our ice storm last week made me realize some interesting things!

First, remember last Wednesday when I said I was seeing my children as my area of service and working to not see them as interruptions to my 'real work'? Guess what the first words out of my mouth were when we found out it was going to be a snow day! Oh, am I going to get everything done!!! Guess that lesson hasn't quite sunk in yet. God is laughing!

On the Frugal Front, I had been dreading my typical Thursday grocery shopping trip because it was $10 coupon day! If I spent $50, I'd save $10...but we had only budgeted $20 for the week. Was I going to pass up on 20% savings? I had planned to, but I knew I would be frustrated and would probably pout (who me????). So, enter the ice storm! We had enough to get us through and I didn't have to shop until Sunday when there were less temptations. Even saving $10 isn't a deal if you don't really need anything. Instead of saving $10 this week I actually saved $85...from our regular budget.

I usually avoid the grocery store on Sat and Sun like the plague...too many people! But on Sunday Sammi was making cookies and ran out of eggs so I decided to brave the crowd (it was either that or waste the margarine/sugar she'd already mixed!). However, with my nice short list, I didn't have to enter the main aisles at all. I got my breads (bagels, hot dog buns, sliced French bread), eggs, milk, and margarine then I went quickly through the self check out lanes -- less than $14! It's so fun to do that!

The month is quickly coming to a close, but since Thursday is the shopping day we plan, I have one more week of frugal shopping before I can spend my regularly budgeted amount. I'm starting to get a list of things we need to restock, but with the possible exception of green beans/corn (no more green beans and only one can of corn), it looks like we are going to make it just fine. Guess I'll just have to get fresh produce to make up for that slight...our bodies won't know how to deal with it!

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