Monday, February 18, 2008

Frugal Doesn't Mean Stingy

It's been a crazy week because Sammi had her surgery (which went well, by the way), but things have been a little off kilter.

I did go to the grocery store on Thursday last week for $10 coupon day. In retrospect, I'm glad I waited to spend the rest of the stock up money until the middle of the month...I ended up getting much less than I originally thought I really needed to get through the month. After spending the $50 for stocking up, I only needed about $15 of the 'regular' money I'd set aside for this week (milk, oranges, apples, potatoes).

I found that I had a lot of difficulty sticking to my plan...there were so many great things on sale this week. I really wanted to buy 50% off Valentine's candy, and I actually put something yummy in my cart (ha...I can't even remember what it was now!) that I made myself take back out before I checked out.

I had a horrible moment of selfishness the other day. We have always had an 'Open Pantry" policy...for the most part the kids and their friends are welcome to anything they can find to eat. I got home and found that some teens had had pop tarts for a snack and I almost panicked...we wouldn't have enough for the month! Luckily I caught myself before I said anything. I do NOT want to be legalistic or stingy during this...and I hate that I felt that way. When I re-evaluated, I found that I have more than enough for the rest of the month, and I know that the boys won't die if their systems get something healthier for breakfast a few days! So, y'all come on over for some poptarts!

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