Friday, April 03, 2009

The Ants Go Marching. . .

On and on.

Well, not so much. After two days of spraying in the kitchen and bathroom, they are really almost gone. In reality, they might have been almost gone after one day of spraying but I really wanted them to die immediately instead of taking a while so I sprayed a second day. Did I ever mention that I'm not very patient?

The only problem we continue to have is in the dishwasher. They have to be coming in through the drain or pipe somehow, but I don't know where that exits the house, so I can't figure out how to spray outside and I can't spray in the dishwasher. I put borax in the dishwasher as soon as it finishes its cycle everyday, but the ants just crawl right over it like it's sugar. GROSS. And of course a few escape the dishwasher every day, so I chase them down and kill them.

Maybe I'll try spraying bleach in the dishwasher. . . but first I'll check to be sure it doesn't interact with borax! Don't want any toxic gases.

I have learned that ants are much tougher to vacuum up than fruit flies. I wonder if they explode in the microwave (where do these evil thoughts come from?)?

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