Saturday, April 18, 2009

Now the Little Buggers Have Me Intrigued

The ant problem has decreased greatly (I've actually been a bit afraid to post about it. . . you know, the old adage about speaking too soon), but a mystery remains. Each day we get about 5 - 15 new dead ants in the tub. Every day without fail. The good news is, of course, that they are dead. The bad news is that they keep coming and I have no idea from whence they come!

I've closed up the drain (if water can't go down it only makes sense to me that ants can't come up, right?). I've sprayed in the drain (yea, I know about the danger to the water supply -- sorry about that), around the base of the walls, around the windows, and on every live ant I've seen in the past month. I can't find any ant sneaking into the bathroom from any hole or crack in any part of the room. Trust me, I've spent WAY too long waiting and watching (so dearest husband, if you are wondering why the house hasn't been too clean in the past month, there is your answer). Not once have I seen one little antenna peeking through.

So I beseech your assistance, dear friends. What substance can I possibly concoct that will stick to little ant feet and leave a trail that I can see? I'm almost ready to call in CSI!

And what, pray tell, are they coming to the bathroom to eat? NOT that I want them back in the kitchen, but I promise, we do not eat in the bathroom upstairs!

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Unknown said...

Once when we had them so bad that I called the bug man to come out he pulled the baseboards away from the wall in the kitchen and in my bathroom the places I had them the most, and sprayed there and put the baseboards back. Waalaa! no more ants! When they started coming back the next year I did my own thing (don't laugh)and taped the baseboards up with duck tape. They then started coming in around my kitchen window and around the counter tops next to the wall, so I taped that up too. Every crack and crevice I had I taped! No more ants! I have left the tape on and when I do get the little critters they are either in the dishwasher or drains. So I always close the drains. The only ant killer that has ever worked was "Terro" along with going outside and finding their trails and digging up all of their little ant hills. And thats exhausting since they can rebuild in a matter of mins. it seems. So far this year were safe at least for the time being. But we usually don't have them yet. Now with all of the rain who knows!