Monday, February 26, 2007

Confession Time

I am a WHOLE WEEK behind in my Bible reading! Before you jump to conclusions, I have been reading every day in order to prepare for the Moms of Grace website Bible study. But I didn't even think about my "Read the Bible in a Year" schedule.

I had a little extra time this morning, so I caught up by 3 days. I'll have to find a way to do the rest because I'm committed to making this work for once. I can always read two day's worth of lessons for the next few days and then I'll be back on schedule.

I'm in Numbers right now, which is a lot of cool and a lot of shocking things that happened to the Israelites in the desert. I'm at the point where the spies went into the land of milk and honey to bring back a report. There was lots of disbelief in God and animosity toward Moses and Aaron at this point. But even when God's wrath occurred in front of the people, they still rebelled. In the reading I did today, over 15,000 people have died of unnatural causes!

Yet God continues to want the best for them and to forgive them at Moses and Aaron's request. It is good to remember that our God is awesome and loving, but also that he is vengeful and all powerful.

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Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Wow...I thought you sounded busy. Now I'm convinced! You're doing an awesome job!!