Friday, August 31, 2007

A Front Porch Day

Psalm 65:11-13
11 You give the year a good harvest,
and you load the wagons with many crops.
12 The desert is covered with grass
and the hills with happiness.
13 The pastures are full of flocks,
and the valleys are covered with grain.
Everything shouts and sings for joy. (New Century Version)

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Here in the midwest it is a glorious morning! After a long hot and humid spell, the air finally has a cool freshness to it. I could swear the flowers by the front porch are a little perkier this morning after being weighed down by the weather for so long. We've opened all the windows and turned on the attic fan to clear out the air in the house. A perfect day to sit on the porch and read the paper.

It's amazing how a slight change in weather can impact your spirits. I'm energized and ready to attack the day. Dare I say that I'm now anxious for the crispness of fall and caramel apples?'s still August, I'd better hold off.

Today reminds me of the unseasonable warm day of February -- a relief from the expected weather and just enough to instill hope for the season to come!

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