Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wow...has it been a month?

I knew I hadn't been writing much, but I didn't realize it had been this long. I've sort of taken the summer 'off' from any sort of routine due to the chaos of the house, and I'm really feeling out of sorts because of it.

July was a really busy month. Sammi got her drivers permit and got to go white water rafting in Tennessee. Becca went to Ecuador and got back yesterday (we are STILL waiting for her luggage to make it...). Doug, the boys, and I went to Great Wolf Lodge and later the boys and I went to High Hill Teddy Bear Camp while Doug played golf. Alicia was on crutches for two weeks and is still going to therapy for a problem with her toe.

We have hung drywall in half of our basement, put down a kitchen/breakfast room floor, started laying a family room/living room floor, and tiled about 1/2 the basement. We will be finishing all these projects in August (I hope), so writing may still be a little infrequent.

I have been playing with my new camera, and you can catch up with some of the activity here.

Though the mess and frequent activity kind of makes me crazy, God has been here holding it all together!

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