Monday, August 20, 2007

Glorious Rain!

It has been a rough August around here. The temperatures have been sweltering (not as hot as the South, but 103 is HOT), and everyone's grass is turning brown. We took Alicia back to school in Tennessee on Tuesday, and many of the trees on the side of the road are dying (well, hopefully they are just shedding their leaves to protect themselves against the heat, only to return next spring). But this morning we are having a wonderful, slow rain. It is a dingy sort of day, perfect for curling up in my big chair and reading.

I just received a copy of Lisa Bergren's books The Begotten and The Betrayed. You shouldn't start these books unless you have time to finish them! I'm hooked on her characters and the story line. Lisa is going on a 'virtual book tour' and she'll be visiting my blog on October 1. I was concerned that I might not have time to read both books before hand, but I was wrong. I'll write book reviews later, but if you are looking for a great read, check these out. They are available at Target in the "Breakout Books" section.

Well, it looks like my life might settle back into a routine again since everyone is back at school. I hope to do more writing and housecleaning (well, I don't really WANT to do more housecleaning, I just want it to be clean!). I have gotten out of the habit of creating my daily to do lists and as a result not much has gotten done. I am looking forward to my Fall Energy occurs at the same time the air gets crisp and the caramel apples show up in the stores!

I hope you are able to take some time to sit down and enjoy the day!

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