Saturday, August 11, 2007

So the Summer Ends...

School starts on Monday for the kids. I love school shopping...the overwhelming number of crisp new notebooks, ink pens, and glue sticks at amazing prices is sort of like being in a candy store! In addition to filling the lists sent home by the teachers, I always buy a few notebooks and pens for me, too.

Kevin and Chris are going into second grade. As we were moving things around in the basement today to remove more panelling so we could put up more drywall (it never ends...), I saw a photo taken of the boys about a month after they moved in with us. They were so little! While they give me fits and I still don't get this 'boy thing' (did I mention that Kevin has devised 8 ways to..umm..make 'tooting' sounds????), they still want me to sing and tuck them into bed each night.

Sammi will be a sophmore, and Becca is a SENIOR. Alicia is a senior in college. I clearly remember each of their first days of school. Alicia looked so small getting on that bus behind big sixth graders, but she was brave and excited to go. Becca went directly to the magnet school with Alicia (in third grade at that point), and I followed their cab all the way to South St. Louis so I could walk her to her class. And Sammi wore a cute green jumper and a cute floppy hat when she headed off to preschool at the magnet school with her older sisters...once again I followed that little bus all the way downtown.

I'm so proud of each one of our kids. They are very different (and I'm glad), and they are growing into wonderful people.

But I digress. The new school year still seems like a time for new beginnings...a new year, a new school, a new adventure. I have officially submitted my notice of termination at Boeing and I'm starting off on my own learning experience.

Although I've had two and a half years to practice being at home, it is a little different not to have a safety officially step away from a successful career and a lot of nice amenities (no more first class upgrades and international trips!). But I know that God has even better things in store, and I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

We still miss you, and although I'm sad you're not going to come back, I agree that God is going to do amazing things with you and I look forward to hearing about them from time to time. Suzi D.

Anonymous said...

Susan - you were a wonderful boss and a great leader. I learned so much from your style and try to keep your "cool" in some of the decisions I have to make every day as a leader. I miss your leadership and you not being here, but I too agree you are where you're suppose to be and God Bless you for that. Please keep in touch.
Cathy R. (CRod)