Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unreasonable Expectations?

Well, I brought it on myself. I had great expectations that this morning would be different. After all, the boys are eight now, right? Surely that means they will be more mature, wake up happier, and won't fight at the breakfast table.

I know that this is unreasonable, but I expected that today would be better since it was a special day.

But no. Kevin woke up early and realized that his brother had stolen his pillow sometime in the night. He yanked the pillow out from under Chris as 'gently' as he could, and somehow Chris just woke up! I don't think I've written the warning in my blog NOT to wake Chris up any earlier than necessary...he's just not a morning person. I know he's too young to introduce morning caffeine, but he's really tough to live with before 8:00!

So the birthday got off to a rip-roarin start. Have I mentioned that I often pray through the day for the boys' teachers? Some days I think they need it more than others...this would have been one of those days, but at around 8:00 Chris decided that a birthday was worthy of a better attitude. He was all smiles by the time he got to school.

So, the birthday celebration worked to perk up his mood today...what can I use to entice a smile tomorrow?

And before any of you start thinking that Kevin is an innocent bystander in all of this...he told me about getting the pillow from Chris with a big gleam in his eye!

The joys of twins...

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