Thursday, August 08, 2013

More About The Promise Box

The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer

Such a wonderful book!

What is The Promise Box about?

The Promise Box is a story about a young woman who was adopted into an Amish family. Conceived by rape she always feels as if her life was a mistake. It's a story of finding love and finding freedom when she realizes God had a plan for her life and His promises are always true.

What key takeaway or message do you expect the reader to understand when they have finished your book?

God's promises are always true

Motive or purpose in writing your book:

I love everything Amish and I try to deal with “messier” and deeper issues within the Amish culture...but in a gentle a lovely way through heartwarming characters.

Describe how your personal background was involved in the writing of this book, if applicable.

Related to the theme, my life was unexpected and my mom got pregnant at a Halloween party. For years I felt like “a mistake” yet God showed me he had a plan for me. We also adopted a baby girl two years ago, and I know the joy of that experience! Yet I also know she'll have many questions as she grows. (We are currently in the process of adopting two more kids, too!)

Also, for fifteen years I lived in Northwestern Montana—about one hour from where this book took place. Even though I grew up in the mountains of California there was something wondrous about the Rockies. Not a day passed when I didn't appreciate the scenic mountains and the beauty of the place.

Also, three years ago I met Amish families from the community and they allowed me to interview them and experience their lives. Many moved from typical Amish communities to rural Montana.

I hope this book will open a new world to Amish readers.

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