Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Days in a Row!

I've discovered I really have a problem with empty spaces. After clearing off the majority of the desk, I find I'm distracted by all that space. I have to get over this!

I decided to place my pretty tea pot and cup on a nice tray to set in the middle of the area. Then maybe I won't be so likely to pile things there. A tea pot might not be a typical office accoutrement, but it is a vital part of my life -- my granddaughter Sophie and I have regular tea parties over skype! That is also why I'll keep the hat and boa on my wall by my computer.
I finished clearing the top of my computer table and fought the urge to think I was done. I decided to work my way back around the underside of my desk top -- floors and drawers.

It is obvious to me that I need to redesign my organization strategy, because this one obviously doesn't work! So I took about an hour to restructure my 'active' filing (which will still go in a portable file box under my desk -- this desk doesn't have any file drawer). I created categories that work for me related to the organizations or major projects I work regularly and made those  hanging folders. Within each category, I created a file folders for subtopics or categories, so the idea is to just take out one folder when I work on a project, and then PUT IT BACK!

Throughout the day I realized that I have to clean my desk every time I walk in my office. I am always leaving something out once I'm finished with it, and it's going to take a while to fix that bad habit.

Since I know I'm a 'piler', and hiding a folder called 'action' is a good way to forget that something needs work, I gave myself permission to have one pile, but I contained it in a pretty in-box. This contains my calendar, the current book I'm researching or reading, and those things that have to get done soon. My goal is to review this box at least once each week (Monday morning works for me right now), and again whenever I have time. My phone is there, too, so MAYBE I won't lose it so often! I also got rid of a very large old printer that I keep for printing large things (it will print 12" wide!), especially since it hasn't worked for two years!That cleared up the space for this inbox. 

At the moment, the best place to keep a box of copier paper is under my computer table. I'm ok with it being there -- it's hidden and very convenient. However I also tend to stick a bunch of other stuff there. I decided for the moment to keep my portable file box there, but got rid of the things that didn't need to be there -- photo paper, tons of old files, etc.
 And, not wanting to waste time, I cleaned out a drawer while I was talking on the phone:

So, for the most part, the computer desk area is done. I need to work on a rolling cart I have underneath and some file containers hanging on the wall. That will be my goal for today. Hopefully I'll be able to turn the corner and work on the wonderful space that was designed to hold a printer:
It might be nice to put my printer there, but I imagine the rest of the family might resist, since I have the printer that everyone uses. It could be a good place to put my file box, though, and maybe even that printer paper. We'll see how it goes.

I have to admit that committing to post these photos on a daily basis is really helping -- I was tempted to stop yesterday because things looked so much better from the outside, but, whether anyone is reading this or not, I want to post every day. And heaven forbid I post that I didn't do anything!

On a side note, my mother-in-law was thrilled with my efforts, and was shocked to hear that I still had work to do. She suggested that my husband work on his office, too (which is on the other side of our entryway). I laughed and suggested that maybe she wasn't one to speak -- her desk has as many piles as mine did!

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