Friday, August 23, 2013

The Cost of Clutter

I didn't get any cleaning of my office done yesterday because I was basically gone from 8:45 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. I know -- excuses, excuses. But it is what it is! At least it didn't leave any piles on my desk, which is what usually happens on days like that -- I run in, dump the things in my arms, grab another stack and go. After a couple of busy days I'm right back where I started. So at least I feel like I maintained the status quo!

Today I worked on my portable file cabinet. Yes, I said file cabinet. Remember how proud I was a day or so ago when I cleaned out my portable file BOXES? I justified the boxes because my desk doesn't have any place to put files. Well, guess why I bought a portable file cabinet several years ago! Well, DUH!

The top drawer was full of envelopes, stamps, and other mail paraphenalia. I pretty much just organized this so it was easier to manage.

In the bottom drawer I discovered a big pile of stuff that had obviously been placed there during a wild cleaning spree. You know the kind...people are coming to visit in 10 minutes and you have to make sure they don't call family services! That cleaning spree must have been in 2011! Among other useless things, I found a Visa rebate card worth $50....that expired 4/13. UGH...what a waste. At least I  know the three Bed Bath and Beyond coupons will still be good -- regardless of when they expired!

So I filled a trash can with the stuff and discovered that I have room for all my files AND filing supplies! Oh glorious day...I can now fit my trash can under my desk.
  I need to organize all those cords, but no one will see them except when they are on the floor, which had best not happen often!

So I didn't get the whole office clean, but I've made great progress! I'm not going to do any more for almost two weeks coz I get to go to Florida on Sunday to see my granddaughter! I'll jump back in when I get home. Hope I've motivated someone else to organize, too! Let me know.

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